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Adding Announce Sound Effect To Other Tracks

Yesterday, 03:39 PM

Posted by Elijahroberson in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hello all, I have a question, when you race at Watkins Glen and Mexico there is an announce sound effect.

I want to add it to several other tracks for a more realistic feel. But my first method of simply copying the sound effect into other track files did not work

Is there more modding involved than just that, If so how do I do it, if you can at all.

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Where Is Thomas Laechele?

04 May 2016

Hi lads,

does anybody have news? has he abandonded the gpl scene?

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Hdd Or Ssd Upgrade

03 May 2016

Posted by twinpotter in Off Topic Chat
Due to my old Toshiba Satellite laptops failing hard drive,I am in the process of upgrading.
I have a Sata Hdd fitted in the machine,but am thinking of upgrading to a bigger capacity Ssd.
From what I have read online,the load times would be better,while gaming performance will not improve,as some rumours make out.
So would I be better sticking a bigger and newer Sata Hdd in,or upgrading to a bigger and modern Ssd type.
My machine is just under ten years old,with Vista OS.While an upgrade of hard drive is been done,I am contemplating changing the OS from Vista to Windows 7.
Any thoughts,help and advice would be welcomed.



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Anyone Else Use This Camera Editor?

29 Apr 2016

This evening, for the umpteenth time, I was reading the GPL Foolishness pages and one thing he suggests is using a 'top down' camera view to analyse your laps in greater detail - in other words to see the actual line you are taking around a corner. I had the same idea ages ago but didn't know how to change the camera view and forgot about it for some reason. I never saw the link on GPLF to this camera creator:

GPL CarCam Editor by Brian Heiland

I just downloaded it and it works great. I just created a top down view for the Ferrari and the Lotus in a few minutes.

You have to use the four 'disk' download links but it installs nice and easy and works bug free.

The only problem I had was GEM didn't like the new camera files so I had to close it and delete my gplc67.exe. After that everything was working again.


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