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Power/coast Ramp Angles And Clutches

21 Jul 2014

Since I began playing gpl the above title concerning set ups as always made me think of it as a black art. I know some of you get it and do it while others stumble.I found the following thread/link which explains this so called black art.
Please comment and let me know your thoughts on this subject and thread.
Thanks in advance for any input.




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1969 Cars Difficult To Drive

24 Jul 2014

Compared to the '65, '66 and '67 cars, I find the 1969 mod cars to be very difficult to drive. I am not very good overall (my GPLRank handicap for the '67s is currently +123.600), but I do find that I can generally stay in decent control with the original 1967 cars. I recently had a go in the Brabham BT26 at Kyalami and found that it had a tendency to exhibit lift-off oversteer and also to become unstable under braking. Perhaps it's just me - I might need to practice a bit more with the '69 mod and adjust my driving style.

Any suggestions on driving technique/setup changes that might make these easier to tame?

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Extra Stuff

22 Jul 2014

I just redownloaded gpl and i'd like to know how to eliminate all the extra stuff on the screen when I practice and race. ie oil temp oil press running order and so on.

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Odd Ai Retirements

23 Jul 2014

As I understand it, AI retirements are driven by two settings in the AI .ini file (e.g. gpla66.ini): 'mechanical_failure_interval' gives the number of ticks (with an additional random element) that the program waits before checking for a failure to an AI car, and 'mechanical_failure_chance' gives the probability of a failure occurring each time a check is made.

Normally it seems to work OK, but once in a while I see some strange behaviour: there are very few AI retirements in a race but if I go out suddenly a heap of retirements come in a rush. For example, I recently went out on the penultimate lap and 5 or 6 cars were listed as retiring after me. Has anyone else noticed this?

I have altered both .ini settings from the default values, to give me historically accurate retirement rates when running 'Pro Long' races against the AI, instead of full GP length races, but don't see how this could create this behaviour.

Oh, and by the way, I saw my first DNS (Did Not Start) by an AI car recently: in the 66 Mod, Bonnier qualified at Monza but didn't start the race. I hadn't quit GPL between qualifying and the race so I can't see any reason the grid could have been corrupted. Does this just happen sometimes?

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G25 With Gpl Shift

22 Jul 2014

how do I get gpl shift to work with my g25 wheel and shifter? what do i need to change? ran the patch .

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