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Ezvid Screen Capture Software

23 Jul 2015

Posted by John Woods in Off Topic Chat

In case someone wants to check it out...


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Ferrari F308

23 Jul 2015

Posted by Bullwinkle55 in GPL Request Area
I'm Looking for Peter Andersons "Ferrari F308" and the link here seems to be dead.
Don't  know how I missed that beauty when it came out but it sure  is nice


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Force Feedback

25 Jul 2015

Howdy, I have a G27 that the force feedback just recently stopped working in GPL. Other sims are fine just the one I want to play lol. I looked in the core.ini it is still enabled and the box for FB2 in Gem is still ticked but no dice in the game. I just reinstalled the Logitech Profiler to make sure that was not the culprit either. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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[Fun Race] 11.08.2015 / Gt Mod / Brands Hatch 1967

23 Jul 2015

Posted by MLGathome in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"



Brands Hatch 1967
1.2 Hours of Endurance

Final race in a series of three

GT Mod with Pitstop

Posted ImagePosted Image[/ALIGN]


- Date: 11.08.2015
- Race: Endurance race with 1x pitstop (Max fuel: 42 liters for Porsche, all others 61 liters)
- Time: 20:00 CET (GMT+1)
- Qualification: 20 min
- Laps: 45 -> ca. 72 min
- Mode: Intermediate -> Shift-R (Stop & Go penalty in the next lap)
- Pitlane speed limit: 100 kph

Ein Trainingsserver wird in iGOR ab 08.11.2015 online sein!
[A practice server will be online in iGOR from 08.11.2015 on!]

[Time Zones]:

Pitstop Patch Download
Put the patch into the "Mods/GEM+/mod name/options" folder for each mod. Or you can instead put the patch into "GPLSecrets/GEM+/Options" which installs it for all mods in one go.

Track Download

Track Updates

Mod Download

Virtual Mirrors Download

Verwendet die guten Standardsetups und passt sie nach euren w√ľnschen an.
[Use the good default setups and adjust them to your liking.]

Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten (GPL)
[Recommended Driver Behavior]



Anmeldung [Sign up]
Bitte meldet euch hier an, wenn ihr mitfahren wollt!
[Please post here if you want to race!]


"teilnehmen" button = participate / yes, I will race
"unsicher" button = unsure / I don`t know yet
"absagen" button = cancel / no I won`t race

Good luck & fun!
Your GPLRACER admins

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Vista Os To Xp

21 Jul 2015

Posted by twinpotter in Off Topic Chat
I presently have a Windows 8 laptop which runs ok but fails sometime on old gaming(Gpl is fine)
I also have my old Windows Vista machine 32bit with Nvidea dedicated graphics and am thinking of converting to XP Os.
My PC skills are ok  and feel I could perform a change? Firstly is it possible,easy and worth the effort.
As far as the OS for XP I have a copy somewhere or could tag a friend for a disc or even buy one of the net. Obviously there is a serial key to think about.
What type of XP do I get ie Service pack 3 or even?Also worried about the change over regarding its functionality and the software drivers etc.
Should I back up my Vista just incase (may have original Vista install discs?)
I believe Vista as a compression option to compress Vista OS so maybe I can install something like VM ware in a partition.
Not sure if I would use the internet although it could be an advantage.
So a full clean XP install or partition with VM Ware like.
Everybody's thoughts welcome and thanks. Also a quick idiots install guide on both ideas. Thank you!



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