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Nicolas Update For Jehonville

Yesterday, 02:21 PM

Posted by Nicolas in GPL-Track Addons
Hi all,

This is my first time as a contributor to the GPL community.

Jéhonville V1.1 (Light) original track by Jean-François Bovy (jf) &  Alexis Bigonville (Gouju)
Get the original track here: http://users.skynet....jehon/down.html
SRMZ thread on this track: http://srmz.net/inde...?showtopic=2865
SRMZ thread on updated AI for this track: http://srmz.net/inde...?showtopic=9628
You do not have to install the high quality patch. This Nicolas Update includes anything
needed from the high quality patch. Both patched and unpatched V1.1 will be updated to
the same result using the Nicolas Update.

Jéhonville Nicolas Update:
Updates the original V1.1 (Light or High Quality Patched) Jéhonville for Grand Prix Legends.
This upgrade focuses on higher res realistic textures, solves some
graphics glitches, improves drawing distances, and tries to give a
realistic feel for an october race in Belgium. After all, the first Historic GP of Jéhonville
(1987) was in october. Not for the oldest of PC's: if you couldn't run the High Quality Patch,
you can't run the Nicolas Update.

Install Jéhonville Nicolas Update:
Just unzip this folder into your GPL/Tracks/Jehon folder.
Allow to overwrite files if prompted.

Default variant of Jéhonville Nicolas Update:

If you encounter performance problems in the second half of the track,
use LoResTrees instead.
If you encounter performance problems, specifically but not necessarily
only in the second part of the track, use ShortDraw instead. ShortDraw is
the drawing distances of the original V1.1. Easier on your PC, but it
will cause pop-ups, hidden geometry in the distance, and it will show strange
elements in the new backdrop that only work well with LongDraw.

All source material used for the textures in this update is assumed to be free of copyright and use.
If any errors have been made in this respect, please notify me on SimRacing Mirror Zone and I'll
replace the texture.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

DOWNLOAD: edit: will be available asap!

Have Fun!

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Jonathan Williams R.i.p

Today, 01:18 PM

and the Rouen F2 round that year.

Just read of his passing on Autodiva forum

After intensive tests at Modena track all the year ( F1, F2,350 P4 Can Am) for Ferrari, Enzo gave him a chance at Mexico.

That's a shame it was his only F1 GP entry.

Winning two times the F3  Grand Premio della loteria at Monza, a classic F3 race,put him in good relationship with Ferrari.He became a patented testing driver for Ferrari, long before F1 teams hiring them was the common rule.

The 1967 season starting grid is mourning again...

R.I.P. Jonathan

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Today, 04:03 AM

Posted by Skywatcher in Member Feedback
Hey guys!

Been around sim racing since GPL release and always been aware of how good GPL was/is. Not until the last week have I actually run it!
At release, I had a crappy system so no GPL for me. As the years went by and the community began enhancing it, I continued to stay away. I decided it would take too much time to work my way into such a now modded sim.

Couple of weeks ago I started loading up my old games for a bit of fun. Pulled out my GPL disc and thought I might do a quick google to see how GPL was handling modern day systems.
I came across the fantastic Easy Installation Guide and found how easy it is to put together a fully modded GPL!

What this community has created over the years is simply amazing!
Every aspect, the mods, tracks, carsets, physics, programs like GEM to make it all work together, websites such as this great place, it's all mind blowing stuff!
From the limited tinkering I have done, I can already see where all my sim time will be spent in the future.

A big thank you to every person who has made this sim what it is today! (And to the person who fixed my validation so I can post this and download!)

Despite being one of the last to find GPL, I already know I'll be one of the last to leave!


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66 Mod Download?

Today, 05:41 AM

Posted by Skywatcher in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
The download for the 66 mod from this site isn't working. The file doesn't extract properly and leaves an installer containing errors so I can't install the mod. Is there any other place it can be downloaded from or re-upped here? Tried to google for the download elsewhere but all links either point here or are dead.

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Solve Clipping Problems In Existing Tracks

Yesterday, 08:42 AM

I've recently decided to contribute to the community rather than just take from it, by polishing some older tracks. One of the things to solve are clipping (wrong drawing order) of objects. I read you do this in the TSO file. However, if you download a compiled track there is no TSO. Is there any way to solve the clipping issues in this case?

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