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Full Screen 1920 1080

25 Sep 2016

Hi everyone,

Installed GPL and GEM+ using the easy installation guide. Game is working okay, but when launching through GEM+ there is black boxes up and down scren when using 1920x1080 resolution. With opengl v2 I have problem that when I go driving I have a transparent black box in my right side of the screen also. With direct 3d v2 there is no problem.

I fixed that up and down screen black boxes with letterbox v3 fix.

I want to know is the opening screen of the game and options,driver profiles etc. always like 640x480 and then 1920x1080 only in when you are racing? Cause mine are.
I have set in GEM+ custom resolution to 1920x1080 and in game also. At the moment it seems direct 3d v2 is better for me but it seems strange cause almost everyone is using opengl v2.  
What is that transparent black box in open glv2 mode when driving? Does anyone else have it?  

My setup is Win10, 16gb ram, gtx 1070, intel i7 4770 3,4ghz..monitor is sony's 40" led tv 1920x1080.
I drive with fanatec csr wheel with csp elite pedals. ( mostly hugging fences in this game)

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Help With G25 Wheel

Yesterday, 04:50 PM

my wheel keeps defaulting to an older logitech wheel (the blue one ) in the logi profilier ( lgs 510 x64 )

in the past i would just uninstall reinstall the profiler that would fix the problem

but now when i do that all i get is the blue wheel

i think i read somewhere on here someone had the same thing happen but i couldnt find it

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A Simracer's Lament

24 Sep 2016

*Please, put this in background*

Hype! New sims comin' out!

Hype! Video looks great, no doubt!

Hype! But the physics will suck!


When I was younger, so much younger than today,

A new sim release had me hyped up in ever way.

But now these days are gone and I feel so skeptical,

Drive is s**t, they won't patch it, and mods are DLC!

Help me feel the hype, for I am jaded,

And my trusty wheel begs me for something greater,

Hype me until I am persuaded,

Can't you feel hype, oh Jeez!

And now sims have changed to simply just graphics,

My trust for devs seems to vanish with my laps!

But I play old sims that still make me feel a lion under the hood,

And it's sad, just so sad, it's all the best we have!

With all this tech we should have a great AI,

Varying weather and all sorts of surfaces to race by!

Great aeros and physics galore,

But broken software is all we have!

When I was younger, so much younger than today,

I never had to pay upfront to download extra content.

But now it's hard to even justify my buys,

They don't give a f**k, two hundred bucks

To race on fake ovals!

Hype me up again, for it I'll fall,

And I'll play the better sims to ease the sore,

Day one DLC, holy f**k nope!

Why'd you hype me for?

What for?

What for?

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Gpl Now Runs Fine Under Linux-Wine1.1.19 With Full Force Feedback!

24 Sep 2016

I was scrolling winehq.org for the latest Wine 1.9.19 release and found:

What's new in this release:
  • Initial version of a udev bus driver for HID.
  • Various improvements in joystick support.
So I took my old PC and installed Linux Mint 18 and then wine,

added jstest-gtk for the mappings of my G27.

I installed GPL from the CD with installer 1.07 and GEM2 package.

Success! Doing a lap in Monza gave me a big smile! this ffb is as smooth as in W7! :up:
I use ffb2 checked in GEM+ with 0-0-250 forces.

The only downside for me is that the new linux kernels are no longer AMD compatible...
Last year the kernels wich allowed to run proprietary AMD drivers fglrx worked perfect!

This time I had to use the build in drivers wich do not support OGL, but D3D7V2 works ok...

If You have an NVidia GPU you can use  their proprietary drivers and will get a perfect GPL on a free OS!

So I have to wait some time until AMD supports the actual kernel again :zzzzz:

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A Few Monaco Rocks! Small Fixes

25 Sep 2016

Posted by gliebzeit in GPL-Track Addons
While driving around Monaco today I noticed a few issues with mip files not having their invisible color set.  Some were within the original Papyrus monaco.dat file (not updated by Monaco Rocks!) and another was an actual Monaco Rocks! mip file.  Here are the fixes.

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