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Reiza Crowdfunding

Yesterday, 03:56 PM

Hi lads,

I don't want to appear like I am trying to sell you into something but I just wanted to let you know that Reiza started a crowdfunding campaign.
If I let you know of this and I make voice about this here is just because I have truly faith in Reiza. Their sims are an absolute blast. All of the cars and trucks avalaible are pure awesomeness. I love the trucks of FTruck and the Formula Retro and Formula V12 kick from Stock Car Extreme!
All of their updates in the past were given always for free. They are passionate and dedicated. Their price listing has always been very low too compared to other sims and content avalaible. They even released a full game for free, Copa Petrobras de Marcas.
The reason why they started this campaign is because all of their funds is now dedicated to a new race sim they are developing, presumably avalaible next year. These funds are for keeping both SCE and FTruck updated till the release of the next sim. Plus, they finally got full license of the ISI engine and they are now able to do some real magic.

But enough of that. I'll leave you the links here and here !

You can read some users reviews here or here at the bottom of the page

Please help this studio, and you can also acquire these beautiful sims (if you don't have them already) while doing so. Thanks :) they deserve all the help that they can get ;)

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Take Your Racing To The Next Level....

Yesterday, 09:59 PM

Posted by Graham Overthehill in GPL-"I just want to talk about all things GPL"
If any of you want to take your racing realism to the next level after GPL and happen to have £40k lying idle, you can have one of these:

Cheers, Marcus

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Gpl Resolution

29 Jun 2015

Posted by twinpotter in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
My Windows 8.1 laptop supports 1366x768 Res.
But when I set it in Gem or in the gpl options menu it doesn't save it. Therefore when I exit gpl and go back into gpl the resolution in options is 640x480?
If I set it to 1024x768 the res saves ok in gpl options to 1024x768.
Any ideas of a solution!


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Newb After Some Set Up Advice

Yesterday, 01:30 PM

Hi All,

I have finally got this game up and running thanks to the 1.07 install package.  I have owned the disc for about 10 years and had another copy before that that I gave up with and gave to a friend.  I did have some moderate success a few years ago but I couldn't get my G25 working with it and had to rely on the keyboard or a controller, hardly ideal for this game.

Anyway I have got it up and running, and its working fine, graphics are decent enough for me and it runs at 35fps constantly.  I haven't done anything to it other than install and configure gplshift.

I'm after some guidance or a link to a guide for how to go about installing mods, such as 65, tracks and cars.  I believe I require Gem+ to manage the add ons?  I realise this is probably an often asked question but a lot of what I have read is very old so I'm getting confused with what's the latest version of things I need etc.  Last time I tried to get this running people were cobbling together the disc and the 2004 demo, it seems to have all changed since then!


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Convert 3Dsimed Model To Gpl 3Do

Yesterday, 06:48 AM

I'm trying to change textures of simple 3do files, like trees.

After hours of reading tutorials, topics and trying to save the object in 3DSIMED directly or trough ase format and others, I cant get the 3do in GPL format.

Ase23do dont understand when I'm working with srb, "...Saved, MIPs referenced: a256.mip",  when the reference is A256.srb

Getting error 0 installing GPLSRBMini3DOEditor, so I didn't tried it.

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